Welcome to Kobayashi’s Playground

This is the landing page, or “Home” for http://base.kobayashicomputing.net. This entire site may change at any time, without any notice, or may disappear and reappear at the whim of the owner. Feel free to look around – this site is used for experimentation and development of techniques and approaches to web development.

And, yes, the header image is a bit strange. The image was created by using a fade-to-transparency gradient on two cropped screen captures, and then overlaying them on another cropped screen capture. At the left of the image is a screen capture of the IDE (Integrated Development Environment that I use (PhpStorm from JetBrains)). At the right of the image is a screen capture of of my project development site. The left-most image fades to transparency going from left to right, while the right-most image fades from right to left. The image underneath it all is a screen capture of the hex editor Frhed, being used to view the hexadecimal code of its own executable file.

The idea behind the image is that source code for a web page is written (the left end of the image), then transported over the Internet in data packets (the hexadecimal code underneath most of the center of the image), and finally appears as a web page rendered in a user’s browser (the right end of the image). I’m not very good at graphics, so the image doesn’t really look like what I’d imagined, which is why I’m explaining it here.